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Jeff Silvestrini

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Jeff Silvestrini is serving his second term as the first mayor of Millcreek.  Millcreek was the first settlement outside of Utah Fort in 1848, but did not incorporate until 2017.  With a population of about 62,000, it is Utah’s 12th largest city.  Jeff is working to form a new, transparent and technologically advanced city and appreciates creativity and initiative in local government. Jeff believes that having solid representation at the decision-making table is important to residents of our city.  Jeff has involved himself lobbying the Utah Legislature on local government issues affecting Millcreek and has volunteered to serve the city on various boards whose operations affect our residents.  Jeff graduated from the University of Utah College of Law and before that the University of Michigan.  He and his wife, Leslie, have two grown daughters. Jeff practiced law in Salt Lake City for 37 years and served as a volunteer on the Mount Olympus and Township councils before becoming mayor.

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