East Mill Creek History: 1961 to Present

Gordon B. Hinckley

Former President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Gordon B. Hinckley was also a long time resident of the area. At the age of two Hinckley was left weak and frail by a bout with Whooping Cough. His doctor advised fresh air and sunlight, so his father bought a farm and eventually moved to East Mill Creek.

Hinckley credits living on a farm with teaching him the value of work, responsibility and self reliance. Like many early residents he learned to prune fruit trees and irrigate through the night to bring the precious water to their crops.

O.C. Tanner

Although the name O.C. Tanner has come to be known throughout Utah as a philanthropic icon a business man, and a force dedicated to the creation of beautiful jewelry and gifts, as far as the residents of East Mill Creek are concerned, one of Tanners most personal gifts to the area are the beautifully landscaped acres of land surrounding his home just Southeast of the “S” curve on 2700 East.

For many years the Tanners maintained extensive rose gardens on the south side of Craig Drive, and their home, originally a barn, was the beautiful setting for festive occasions for over 50 years.

Vital Balance

East Mill Creek has spent 150 years creating a vital balance of heritage and progress. It has been a gem of charm and beauty that draws residents and businesses in increasing numbers every year. In an effort to preserve the character of the area for generations to come, the East Mill Creek Community Council is spearheading an effort to have the area designated a historic district. 

More Information

For information on how you can contribute to this effort, please contact Gail Miller at 801- 467-768.