Which permit do I need?

* - Please speak with a planner before applying. Note that some projects may require more than one permit.
Department Permits Offered Description
Building  Standard Building Permit Most projects in the city where structures are being built require a building permit. For a list of exempt structures please visit the Building Permits Page.
Planning Conditional Use Permit Under Millcreek Code Title 19 Zoning each zone has a list of conditional uses. This means that any conditional use in that zone requires a permit issued from the planning department.*
  Rezone If you would like to change the zone of your property. *
  Subdivision If you would like to subdivide or create new lots in the city. *
  RCOZ B If you would like to have a small increase in height or setbacks for a residential property.
  PUD If you would like to apply for a planned unit development.*
  FCOZ If your project is located in the Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone. *
  Lot Consolidation
Lot Line Adjustment
If you would like to merge lots, or adjust the boundary of a property line.
  Variance If you would like to apply for a variance. *
Public Works Excavation If your project requires you to excavate in a public right of way.
Special Events Permit   If you would like to host a special event in Millcreek.