Utility Services Directory

Utility Company Phone Number Website
Power Rocky Mountain Power 888-221-7070 rockymountainpower.net
Gas Dominion Energy 800-323-5517 dominionenergy.com
Water* Salt Lake City Public Utilities 801-483-6900 slcgov.com/utilities
  Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District 801-565-4300 jvwcd.org
  Holliday Water Co. 801-277-2893 hollidaywatercompany.com
Sewer Mt. Olympus Improvement District 801-262-2904 mtoid.org
Solid Waste Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling 385-468-6325 wasatchfrontwaste.org

*Millcreek is serviced by several water companies. Enter your address in our Map Gallery and click the "Water Service" layer on the left to see which company services your address.