The City Council has adopted a compilation of ordinances based on Salt Lake County’s Code of Ordinances, as revised and supplemented by subsequent additional ordinances. The City Council may pass ordinances to regulate, require, prohibit, govern, control or supervise any activity, business, conduct or condition authorized by statute. Municipalities may not exercise any powers without ordinances, except where permitted by state law. An ordinance is defined as a local law created by legislative action of a municipality. A summary of each ordinance, per Utah Code 10-3-711, may be found here


Municipalities may provide that items established in ordinances which are subject to change, such as a service charge or fee, may be established by resolution. It is a document used to exercise administrative functions.

Millcreek Code

Municipalities may revise, codify, compile and publish in a book or website all ordinances of a general and permanent character. A codification requires enactment as the law of the city, which is referred to as the Municipal Code. Municipalities may also change, alter, modify, add and substitute ordinances as deemed necessary to update the Municipal Code.

The City Council passes ordinances and resolutions and the Community Reinvestment Agency passes resolutions, see below for all: