View the 2020 Millcreek Stormwater Management Plan (PDF).

Please email Dan Drumiler for questions or comments regarding the Stormwater Management Plan.

View the Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (UPDES) Permit HERE.


Stormwater run-off is a result of snow, rain, and sleet that is untreated and goes directly to our local storm drain system and waterways. These waterways provide recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat, and aesthetic beauty that improves the overall quality of our lives. 

Stormwater conveys pollutants to our creeks, rivers, canals, and lakes from: 

  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Other municipal sources


View a list of brochures and a link to the Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition web page that provides helpful information and tips to prevent stormwater pollutants from entering our waterways:

Millcreek Storm Water Utility Fee

In June 2020, the Millcreek City Council adopted a Storm Water Utility Fee. This was done to identify, repair, and upgrade the dated storm water infrastructure beneath Millcreek's roads.

Before adoption of the utility fee, road and storm drain projects competed for funding. Most storm drain projects get completed after a failure and constitute emergency expenditures. These emergency expenditures would delay much-need road improvements throughout the city. Our city engineers and City Council determined that a more practical and cost-effective way to carry out these storm water projects would be to identify them in advance, schedule them for ideal construction windows, and bid them out. 

Click the tabs below to learn more about the importance of properly functioning storm water facilities and the Storm Water Utility Fee.

Storm Water Utility Fee FAQs

Storm Water Utility Q&A--UPDATED June 12, 2020


Storm Water Utility Fee Analysis--FINAL June 22, 2020

Storm Water Fee Policy Manual--FINAL June 22, 2020

City Council Storm Water Utility Fee Presentation--June 8, 2020 Open House.

Projected Revenue Requirements-- UPDATED-June 12, 2020