Safety Committee

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Safety Intern: Mary Draper

Mary has lived in the area now encompassed by Millcreek City boundaries for decades. She takes pride in the beauty, vibrancy, and opportunity that Millcreek offers. The chance to collaborate with fellow residents, local organizations, and others in City government to build on a sense of acceptance and security for residents in Millcreek is exciting to her. Past and ongoing community involvements in Board member and other volunteer roles include HEAL Utah, the Bennion Center, Guadalupe School, Immigrant Legal Services, and the David Eccles School of Business. Mary holds degrees from the University of Utah and the J. Rueben Clarke School of Law at BYU. In her free time Mary cycles. Reads, loves seeing friends, and routinely hikes with her family (and the family CEO, “Jack the Dog”).


Work together to create a safer, healthier community through resident engagement, support of local law enforcement, fitness & nutrition programs, and health provider partnerships.


 “All Millcreek families have access to resources and opportunities to keep their families safe and improve their quality of life.”

 Target location: 84106, 84107, 84123, and western portion of 84124.

Meet: 4th Wednesday of every month 1-2 pm

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2020- 2021

Increase access and information to safety resources (from # of community services on city website to expanding resources and promoting existing resources)

Connect 50+ Millcreek households to housing assistance  

2021- 2022

Increase tenant “awareness” at Holladay Hills Apartments (tenant rights, ESL legal advocacy, CCLC, etc.)

Revisit mobility and safety in Millcreek (School walking audits, bus services, and updating Saferoutes to “Completeroutes”)

CHAIR: Mercedes Maestas   

Healthy Living Program Educator, Salt Lake County Health Department 

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 Why are you interested in the Millcreek Promise Safety Committee Mission?

"Because I am interested in supporting cities that want to build safer, equitable and inclusive communities- outside of the presence or absence of crime. I think communities feel safe not just when crime is low, but when they feel supported in their needs. I care most about 1) SafeRoutes all around a city; 2) Compassionate Communities; and 3) family wellbeing."

CO CHAIR: John Tuutau

Parent, Millcreek Resident