Millcreek Common Development

It all began with the general plan...

Work on Millcreek's General Plan began in 2017 shortly after incorporation, and was approved in early 2019. The Plan specifically outlined the need for a central city gathering place in the heart of Millcreek where residents could enjoy a sense of community and common identity.

General Plan in hand, the Millcreek City Council and city staff got to work planning a City Center with these guiding principles in mind:

  • The City Center should emphasize walkability, and minimize internal traffic & parking demand
  • The City Center should include municipal property owned by the city and designated for public use
  • The design of Millcreek's City Center should represent the city in ways that are distinctive from other cities and unique to Millcreek
  • The City Center should emphasize culture, art, ideas & interaction between citizens
  • The City Center should be a true "center" that connects Millcreek residents as the cultural hub and heart of the city

We then began work on a City Center Master Plan, which was adopted June 10, 2019. Different from the General Plan, the City Center Master Plan delves deep into the details of what our future City Center will look like and is intended to guide future development.


Millcreek Common Groundbreaking - March 9, 2021

About Millcreek's New City Center

Development of Millcreek Common is being broken into two Phases:

  • Phase 1 will see the construction of a plaza that includes an ice ribbon and splash pad, retail, and the site of the new Millcreek City Hall.
  • Phase 2 will focus on mixed-used development, an outdoor amphitheater, and landscaping that will bring out the existing beauty that Millcreek has to offer.

View the documents below for more information on what's in store for Millcreek Common!

Artist rendering of Millcreek Common 

Phases 1 & 2

Updated Millcreek Common layout showing new building developments and landscaping features

Phase One is well underway!

Millcreek Thursday Foodtruck Nights-42


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Millcreek Common Groundbreaking Ceremony

March 9, 2021

Building Millcreek

Learn more about where Millcreek has come from and how the Millcreek City Center will take us to the next level.

City Center Zoning

Other Resources

An important funding mechanism for Millcreek Center is the Community Reinvestment Agency (CRA). Click here to learn more.