Planning Applications

  1. Rezone (ZM)
  2. Subdivision (SD)
  3. Conditional Use Permit (CUP)
  4. Lot Adjustment (LB/LC)
  5. Land Use Hearing (LUHO)
  6. DRC
  7. Other


Each application is subject to a planning review period. Upon payment of all applicable fees and submission of a complete land use application for an approval that requires a public meeting, planning staff will have a review period of fifteen (15) business days to review the application for substantial compliance with all the requirements of applicable ordinances before scheduling the application for the first public meeting or hearing. If staff requires additional information, clarification or an updated application submittal as part of their review, the time to provide the additional information, clarification, or submittal will be in addition to the review period.  Staff will schedule your application at the first available public meeting after the review period concludes.

Documents Required:

The City may require a development agreement as part of a rezone. In that case, staff may require additional exhibits and submittals prior to a final determination by the City Council. The City at its discretion may require parking and traffic studies, surveys, or geologic or hydrology studies.