Fiber Information

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The Millcreek City Council met on July 13, 2020 and voted in favor of entering into a non-exclusive license agreement for the installation of a fiber optic infrastructure network in Millcreek. 

We expect Google Fiber to build out throughout our city and use good faith to offer its service widely and consistently, promoting digital inclusion. Now that our agreement is finalized, we expect Google will present a plan for build-out in accordance with the city permitting process for construction activity in city right of way. The relationship between Google and Millcreek is essentially that of franchisor/franchisee. Millcreek will receive 2% of gross revenues from Google for access to city right of way with no financial obligation to Millcreek residents. They expect to start serving Millcreek customers in 2021.

Take a look at our Google Project Areas map to track where Google Fiber has already been installed in Millcreek and where they plan to go next.

If you have questions regarding construction or to sign up for Google Fiber, please call the following hotlines:

Construction: 877-454-6959

Customer Support: 866-777-7550


The City Council has heard two presentations from fiber providers, EntryPoint Networks on June 25, 2018 and UTOPIA Fiber on February 11, 2019. See their presentations to the Council: