Recycling Services

Millcreek is serviced by Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling (WFWRD). For the most updated information on waste and recycling services, hours of operation, the area cleanup program, trailer requests, etc., please visit Wasatch Front’s website.

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Acceptable green waste includes fruits, veggies, eggshells, lawn clippings, weeds, branches, leaves

Recycling Myth Busters

A Message from Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling

We at WFWRD noticed that there are many misconceptions surrounding recycling legitimacy and we want to bust those myths! One common misconception is that the material in your blue bins doesn’t get recycled and is instead taken to the landfill. Recycling is indeed happening every day throughout the US. In fact, around 80% of the materials we pick up are recycled domestically in the US, the other is taken to international markets. Your plastic recyclables are often turned into awesome new things like carpet, food containers, or even agricultural piping. 

Another recycling myth is that cardboard doesn’t have any monetary value. This is also false! Although cardboard has seen a slight decrease in value, it is still very valuable and is the most common commodity found in your curbside bins. We expect to see an increase in value for cardboard as the holiday season approaches. Let’s work together to keep our Utah communities clean by reducing, re-using, and recycling!

Check out more info on recycling services below!

Plastic Bags, Plastic Packaging, and Flimsy Plastics

All plastic bags (grocery or garbage bags), plastic packaging (bubble wrap or packaging pillows), and flimsy plastics (plastic wraps or coverings) can all be recycled but NOT in the blue curbside recycling can. These items can be taken to local grocery stores like WinCo, Smith’s, or Target and dropped off in the plastic collection bin. This bin is usually located near the entrance of the building. All of these materials will then be taken to the Renewlogy Plant to be recycled.

Electronics Recycling

Looking for a place to recycle your old computer, appliances, or even wires or cables? Take it to your local Best Buy! Best Buy will recycle up to three items of e-waste per household per day. 

Electronic waste contains a rich source of metals that can be recycled and brought back into the production cycle. By recycling e-waste, we reduce the pollution that would be generated while manufacturing a new product and we can limit the extraction of virgin materials. 

Learn more at

Mattress Recycling

Need to get rid of an old mattress and not sure where to take it? Recycle your mattress with Spring Back Utah! Spring Back Utah deconstructs mattresses and box springs for recycling and are able to divert 90-95% of all the materials (foam, metal, cotton, plastic, cardboard, and wood) from the landfill.

Schedule a mattress pickup and Spring Back Utah will come to you for $20 a piece. Mattresses can also be dropped off at their Salt Lake City location: 1929 S 4130 W Suite D, Salt Lake City, UT 84104. For more information on Spring Back Utah’s services visit their website:

Green Waste Program

Residents can sign up and help divert green waste from the landfill to be processed into mulch that can be purchased for use from the Salt Lake Valley and Trans-Jordan Landfills. There is a onetime start-up fee of $70 to pay for the can and at $126 per year, a green waste can is less expensive than an additional black garbage can at $234 per year. For more information on this program, click HERE.

Glass Recycling

Momentum Recycling proudly partners with Millcreek and Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling to provide residents with both pick-up and drop-off glass recycling services. Residents can choose to drop off glass recycling free of charge at one of the locations listed below, or can sign-up for the convenience of monthly curbside service for $8/month after an activation fee of $45, which will be paid through WFWRD. Together we all work to help keep our community beautiful.

To sign up for the monthly curbside service, click HERE.

Scott Park Drop-Off

Scott Park Glass Recycling

Harmons Drop-Off

Harmons Glass Recycling


Keep in mind that these sites are heavily used (especially on the weekends). The drop-off sites are intended for use by residents only. (PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS ON THE GROUND)

General Rules for Glass Recycling:

  • Glass bottles and jars ONLY. Broken bottles and jars are okay
  • Empty container and remove lids/corks (no rinsing is necessary)
  • Do not place items on the side of any glass recycling container
  • Do NOT place the following items in any glass recycling container:
    • Ceramics (i.e., plates and dishes)
    • Windshields
    • Pyrex
    • Light bulbs
    • Windows
    • Mirrors
    • Bags, boxes, 6-pack cartons

Food Waste Collection Pilot Program

WFWRD has partnered with Momentum Recycling to conduct a curbside food waste collection pilot in East Mill Creek and Canyon Rim! The food waste is taken to Wasatch Resource Recovery, Utah’s first anaerobic digester, where it undergoes a process that converts your food waste into biogas used to heat homes. The left-over matter will be used to produce a bio-based fertilizer. 

The pilot began July 6, 2022 and will run until September 28, 2022. After the pilot, Momentum Recycling will carry on the services for an additional fee charged separately from WFWRD. Interested in learning more about the service? Visit Momentum Recycling’s website to learn more and to see if you are located in their service area.