Landscaping Rebates

Illustration of sod being pulled up and being replaced by drought-friendly plants.

Want to Renovate Your Lawn? Waterwise Landscaping Rebates Available to Millcreek Homeowners, HOAs, and Commercial Users

Starting in May 2023, Millcreek homeowners, HOA’s, and Commercial Property Owners will be able to apply for rebates to replace existing landscaping with new waterwise landscaping that is designed for Utah’s climate. These rebates are available in partnership with the Utah Division of Water Resources, the Central Utah Water Conservancy District, the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, and local water providers. These grants are made available through a recent legislative appropriation of $5 million to implement a statewide grass removal rebate program.

Rebates for Homeowners

If you are a homeowner, you may be eligible for a rebate of $2 to $3 per square foot of lawn. These rebates will be available to homeowners by submitting an application and a landscape plan through the Localscapes® Rewards Program available at In order to maximize the rebate, we encourage homeowners to avoid replacing any existing landscaping, or removing or killing grass, until you apply and get approval for your re-landscaping plan. You can start your application now, but applications will not be reviewed or approved until funding becomes available in May 2023.

Click here for guidance in our own ordinance regarding Localscapes®.


Rebates for Homeowners Associations and Commercial Users

Homeowners Associations and Commercial users will have access to a similar rebate through a Landscape Leadership Grant, which is available through one of two sources: If you get your water through the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, click here. If you get your water through Salt Lake City Public Utilities, click here. If you get your water from another provider, please contact the provider directly for more information regarding a Landscape Leadership Grant.